Research Publications

Papers Published in 1999
  • "INdian FInancial NETwork"
    -- published in IBA Bulletin, Journal by Indian Banks´ Association, [March 1999], Vol. XX No.3, pp 127 − 129, by V. P. Gulati, K.R. Ganapathy and Aditya Gaiha.
  • "Data Warehousing and Data Mining Applications in the Banking Industry"
    -- in proceedings of the National Seminar on Data Warehousing in Government, Chennai, [April 21 − 22, 1999], by P. Radha Krishna and S. Sam.
  • "A Modified Algorithm to Compute Pareto-optimal Vectors"
    -- published in the Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, USA, Vol.103, No.1, pp.241−244, 1999 by V. N. Sastry and Ismail Mohideen.
  • "An Overview of Multi−objective Network Optimization Problems"
    -- in proceedings of the International Conference on O.R in Small and Medium Enterprises, S.V.University, Tirupati, [December 20−22, 1999] by V.N.Sastry and Ismail Mohideen.