Selected Papers for Sixth IDRBT Doctoral Colloquium

ID Authors Title
15 Sreevani On Kernel Density Estimation and Dimensionality Reduction for Pattern Recognition
20 Monidipa Das Data-Driven Modeling for Spatio-temporal Prediction of Time Series Data
5 Ajoy Mondal Object Tracking in Complex Environment like Camouflage and Occlusion
21 Yogalakshmi Jayabal Analysis of Mixed, Correlated and Heterogeneous data
24 Nayantara Kotoky Predicting Amendments via Right to Information Query Analysis
29 Nikhil Tripathi A Closer Look into DHCP Starvation Attack in Wireless Networks
18 Urvashi Shukla Unsupervised parallel clustering algorithms with mixed data approach for credit card scoring
11 Earnest Paul Ijjina Classification of human actions using pose-based features and stacked auto encoder
14 Sai Gollapudi Renarrating Web for Better Web Accessibility
19 Samrat Gupta A Rough Set Approach to Find Cohesive Subgroups in Financial Credit Networks
28 Suman Kalyan Maity A Heterogeneous Network based Tag Recommendation Framework on Stack Overflow
6 Subhashree S Linked Data enrichment using pattern extraction
23 Suvam Mukherjee Keep it Concurrent and Correct