IDRBT Banking Technology Innovation Contest (IBTIC)

The Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is a premier Institution focused exclusively on Banking Technology. Established by Reserve Bank of India, the Institute works at the intersection of Banking and Technology, focusing on research and development, which is useful for the Indian Banking and Financial Sector.


We cannot live in today’s world without electronics, information, and communication technology. Banking is not an exception. India has leapfrogged into the era of innovation in banking by adopting the latest in technology. Today’s digital age and hyper-connected environment requires banks to re-invent their business continuously, and banks are maintaining pace with latest technological developments. Forthcoming years will be no different for the Indian banking sector; there will be growth fuelled by innovative initiatives by several stakeholders in the banking ecosystem.

The Institute was organised the IDRBT Banking Apps Contest (IBAC) in 2016 & 2017. The scope of this contest was limited to Apps. Based on the experiences and feedback received from the contest as well as the Banking Sector, the Institute felt that the scope of the contest needs to be broadened to cover not just the Apps, but all the innovations in the area of Banking Technology.

Accordingly, in order to bring out the innovations happening in the area of banking technology, the Institute was started a national level IDRBT Banking Technology Innovation Contest (IBTIC) in 2018. This year the contest was held on 12th April, 2019 at IDRBT, Hyderabad.

The objective of IBTIC is to identify and promote the innovative ideas from the best technology talent in the Indian Banking and Financial Sector.

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