The 2nd Bank on Technology – An Awareness Initiative

After the first successful Open House for Engineering Students in November, 2014, the Institute organised the second Bank on Technology – An Awareness Initiative on March 13-14, 2015. This time, around 55 students pursuing their MBA in Banking Technology and their faculty from Pondicherry Central University, participated in the programme. In addition, eight final year engineering students from GITAM Hyderabad campus also took part in the event.

The programme began with the welcome address by Dr. A. S. Ramasastri, Director, IDRBT. The sessions were carefully designed so as to augment the regular courses of the students. Shri V. Narsimhamurthy, Senior Domain Expert, IDRBT, gave an overview of technology used by banks today and the future technology needs of the banks.

Dr. V. N. Sastry, Professor, IDRBT gave working details of Mobile Banking technology and the challenges to be overcome for its much wider adoption. A session on Analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), held by Dr. V. Ravi, Professor, IDRBT provided insights into the technology components and managerial aspects of CRM. Dr. V. Radha, Assistant Professor, IDRBT gave an overview of Security Technologies and the practical aspects of IT security issues in Banks. Dr. G. R. Gangadharan, Assistant Professor, IDRBT spoke on Green IT and Data Centre where he explained about various techniques to conserve energy and improve efficiency of data centre.

The second day commenced with Virtualization and Cloud Computing technologies by Dr. P. Syam Kumar, Assistant Professor, IDRBT. Dr. M. V. N. K. Prasad, Associate Professor, IDRBT highlighted the technologies widely adopted for Financial Inclusion (FI) in the country. He also highlighted various biometric mechanisms used to authenticate account holder in the FI project. Dr. N. Raghu Kisore, Assistant Professor, IDRBT handled a session on Data Quality. He explained the importance of data quality for success of a CRM project and also the challenges faced by the banks today in maintaining and improving quality of customer data available with the banks. The final session of the programme was conducted by Dr. Rajarshi Pal, Assistant Professor, IDRBT where the participants were taken through the possible applications of image processing in various aspects of banking.

The programme concluded in the evening with a brief faculty-student interaction to get their views and feedback. Later, the students of Pondicherry University visited the NPCI DR site, where Mr. Radhakrishna, NPCI gave a technical overview of the operational aspects of managing DR site of a data centre.

The Open House programme was coordinated by Dr. N. Raghu Kisore and Dr. Rajarshi Pal, Faculty, IDRBT.