Third Bank Executive Programme for Senior Management

The Institute organized the 3rd Bank Executive Programme (BEP) for Senior Executives from April 21 -26, 2014 in collaboration with Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF), Mumbai, and National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Pune. The aim of the programme was to train and develop the senior and middle level management (especially the non-IT executives) with the necessary skill-sets to handle modern banking challenges and opportunities.

The programme was inaugurated by Shri K. Subramanyam, Executive Director, Union Bank of India. Addressing the bank executives, Shri Subramanyam delved into how current banking challenges could be converted into profitable opportunities with the help of technology, risk management and proactive leadership. He highlighted aspects such as deteriorating asset quality, low capital support, falling profitability and mass retirements as the key challenges faced by banks in the current scenario. He also stressed on the need for data integrity to enhance the richness of data. Apprising the role of technology in banking, he said that technology would be a significant enabler in efficient functioning of payment systems, various delivery channels, in reduction of transaction costs and carrying out financial inclusion. With banks facing shortage of manpower and need for right talent, he emphasized on grooming people with appropriate skill-sets. He also explained the importance of leadership in making of a successful bank of tomorrow.

Dr. R. Bhaskaran, CEO, IIBF, gave an overview of banking sector, the trending issues of banking, its growth and landscape, and the performance of the sector in the economy over the years. Shri M.D. Vernekar, Joint Director, IIBF took sessions on Resource Mobilisation and Deployment, Transfer Pricing, Market Risk and Profit Management and Dr. S.V. Kuvalekar, NIBM taught on Funds and Investment Management.

The 6-day programme covered various topics in banking viz., HR Issues, Talent Management, IT & Business: Strategic Alignment, Funds and Investment Management, Credit Risk Management, Data Quality, CRM & Analytics, Social Media and Cloud Computing, IT Governance, Delivery Channel Management, etc.