The 1st Bank on Technology – An Awareness Initiative

With the objectives of developing inquisitiveness and awareness of Banking Technology among the Generation Next, IDRBT has started a new initiative named Bank on Technology - An Open House for Engineering students. These Open Houses aim to expose the students to various technologies being leveraged by the Indian Banking and Financial Sector and at the same time develop their interest in the area of Banking Technology.

The first Open House was organized at the Institute on November 01, 2014. About 55 students from various engineering colleges including Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Vasavi College of Engineering and Mahaveer Institute of Science and Technology participated in this Open House.

The programme started off with the welcome address by Dr. A. S. Ramasastri, Director, IDRBT. A series of interesting aspects ranging from General Banking to the Use of Technology in Banking were explained to the students.

Shri Patrick Kishore, Chief Operating Officer, IDRBT provided a general insight into the purpose and operational details of banks in India. Shri M. V. Sivakumaran, Faculty, IDRBT, provided an overview of how technology has revolutionized banking in India and the futuristic trends of effectively adopting technology in banking.

Dr. V. N. Sastry, Faculty, IDRBT, presented the technical aspects of mobile banking and security challenges to be addressed in implementation of mobile banking. The students of IDRBT gave a demonstration of mobile banking solutions currently being developed at IDRBT. Dr. V. Ravi, Faculty, IDRBT, provided insights into how machine learning algorithms can be used for analyzing data in banks and use of intelligent systems for enabling better customer service. The participants were exposed to the challenges faced by banks in the form of Security Threats and importance of Information Security in Banking by Dr. N. Raghu Kisore, Faculty, IDRBT.

A quiz was also conducted for the students. The Open House programme concluded with Dr. A.S. Ramasastri interacting with the students. The programme was coordinated by Dr. N. Raghu Kisore and Dr. Rajarshi Pal, Faculty, IDRBT.