BIAN–IDRBT Executive Summit

IDRBT is an academic member of Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), an Industry body, with involvement of Banks and Vendors across the globe, for developing Interoperability standards to reduce integration costs.

With a view to share, discuss and resolve the concerns of banks over lack of interoperability standards and the challenges of migration in Core Banking Solutions, the Institute in association with BIAN, held the 1st BIAN-IDRBT Executive Summit on December 05-06, 2014. The objective of the Summit is to bring awareness on BIAN Service Landscape and understand the vendor preparedness. The Executive Summit had 48 participants including Vendor Partners and Bank Executives.

The 2-day programme started with an introduction to BIAN and its activities by Mr. Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director, BIAN. He presented the case studies implementing BIAN principles and the roadmap.

Mr. Magnus Thorburn, Program Manager, BIAN, presented the service landscape. He touched upon the architectural principles relevant for enterprise architecture and shared the BIAN model. His presentation included providing a view of representing Business Area (Retail Banking, Lending, etc.), Business Domain (Cards, Account Opening, etc.), Service Domain (Savings Account, etc.) and the Service Operation (steps involved in opening saving account) meta model using Service Oriented Architecture.

The session on BIAN's Architecture principles by Mr. Tesselaar and Mr. Thorburn provided an understanding of the challenges that banks face and the importance of modularity (coupling and cohesion) in coding practices, service oriented architecture and thus improving interoperability.

Mr. Santosh Kumaran, Chief Architect, IBM presented a case study of US-based PNC Bank implementing BIAN principles for Core Banking Solution.

The Summit also included a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Patrick Kishore, Chief Operating Officer, SBU, IDRBT along with panelists from Infosys, TCS, Polaris and FIS to understand the readiness for BIAN Service Landscape. This discussion opened up with questions from Banks on some of the challenges in migration of monolithic Core Banking applications.

Both IDRBT and BIAN discussed the possibilities of collaborating on the following:

  • IDRBT to work with BIAN and Vendor partners to conduct trainings to officers (IT and Non-IT) of Banks on Interoperability standards
  • Build mapping IT Landscape for BIAN Service Landscape
  • Establish BIAN Asia Pacific Chapter anchored by IDRBT and Plan for conducting another BIAN Summit late next year
  • Work with BIAN and Vendors to localize the BIAN Service Landscape
  • Implement BIAN model for building small core banking solutions for Rural Banks that cannot afford large monolithic core banking solutions
  • Work on Governance model leading to BIAN Compliance Certification.