Conference of GM (IT)/CIOs of Banks

In an effort to bring the practitioners and thought leaders in the area of technology together, the Institute organized the conference of GM (IT)/CIOs of Banks on December 17-18, 2012. The conference, inaugurated by Shri G. Padmanabhan, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, provided a perfect platform for the GM (IT)/CIOs of various banks to the resolve pain points and get ideas to take the sector ahead.

Starting the proceedings, Shri B. Sambamurthy, Director, IDRBT, stressed on the need of the banks to be competitive, effective, and efficient and differentiate themselves in terms of turnaround time. He channeled the focus of the delegates towards the emerging trends relevant to banking, i.e., 'BAMS' (Big Data, Analytics, Mobility or Cloud Computing, Social Media).

In his Keynote Address on "IT Enabled Transformation in Financial Sector", Shri G. Padmanabhan, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India, identified certain areas like financial inclusion, innovation, data integrity, channels security, IT and business alignment, managing outsourcing, combating cyber crime, governance in IT, human capital and analytics, where technology can be the game changer. He focussed the attention of the banks on the need for collaboration in order to ensure information security, identify best fit options for inter-operability across IT systems and banks and also improve mobile banking, so as to deliver better services to the common man.

The 2-day Conference included presentations, panel discussions and group discussions on topics such as Building Human Capital in IT: Role of IDRBT and Banks, Analytics and Social Media, CBS: Road Ahead, Shared Infrastructure, Inter-operability, Automated Data Flow and Other Expectations from RBI, Consolidation & Virtualization: Case Studies, Emerging Trends in Information Technology, Cloud Computing: Security and Governance, Mobile Banking, and Future Challenges and Opportunities in Banking. Various Distinguished Guest Speakers and Industry Practitioners besides IDRBT faculty members presented their views and ideas on the above topics.

The Conference draw to a close with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Shri G. Raghuraj, General Manager, IDRBT.