Beyond Core Banking : The HR Challenges, A Seminar for HR Heads from Banks

Managing Human Capital is the biggest challenge for Banks today, next only to business development. The growing complexity of banking business and the fast pace of developments in various technologies that are inseparably intertwined with banking call for determined efforts from the HR Departments to recruit, train, retrain and retain the right people to fill the right positions. There is an urgent need for building a Technology Task Force, which comprises skill and talent at various levels right from system administrators to technology managers and leaders who can bring in technology-driven innovations in business processes. Added to this is the imminent problem of large scale retirements and the unenviable task of ensuring that the bank's workforce contains the right mix of experience and dynamism, to stay competitive and succeed in these turbulent times.

In this background, what are the challenges on the technology front for banks? What are the implications of such trends on the manpower needs of the banks? How do we equip the banks with adequate manpower with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience? What are the models we can think of for overcoming these challenges in HR? These issues were discussed threadbare in a one-day seminar on "Beyond Core Banking: the HR Challenges!", held on October 10, 2012 at the Institute.

The Seminar featured thought leaders, experts and Industry leaders who provided the necessary backdrop for the engaging discussions. Shri B. Sambamurthy, Director, IDRBT welcomed the dignitaries and Shri Patrick Kishore, COO, SBU, IDRBT presented the Emerging Trends in Technology and their Impact on Banking. Dr. V. Ravi, Faculty, IDRBT spoke on Analytics HRM and Prof. D. K. Subramanian, Distinguished Fellow, IDRBT focused on the Emerging Scenario in HR: Challenges and Opportunities.

Shri M. V. Sivakumaran, Faculty, IDRBT then led the "Training Needs Discussion" for Banks. Dr Santanu Paul, Distinguished Fellow, IDRBT raised some interesting issues with regard to "HR Strategies for Banks" and it was followed by a Panel Discussion on Building the Technology Team and Talent in Banks. The panel was chaired by Shri K. K. Misra, Executive Director, Andhra Bank; and the members were Dr. Santanu Paul, Distinguished Fellow, IDRBT and Shri Patrick Kishore, COO, SBU, IDRBT.

Shri B. Sambamurthy, Director, IDRBT presented the way forward for resolving the HR Issues in Banking Industry in the next few years and stated that there is a need to recruit certified professionals and bring in Knowledge Management Systems. The Programme was coordinated by Shri M. V. Sivakumaran, Faculty, IDRBT.