Release of Booklet on IT Governance

IDRBT set up a Working Group on IT Governance to address the felt need of banks in India for finding a meaningful way through the maze of best practices and standards available in this area. After considering the various challenges faced in managing IT infrastructure in banks, the Working Group found that an effective means of addressing them would be through setting up an optimal IT Organizational Structure which evolved in tune with the changing needs and emerging challenges. This document outlines the broad structure as applicable to banks in India.

Based on the core principle that IT Governance is an important part of Corporate Governance, this document has outlined an IT Governance Model which derives inputs from the Business Goals. These inputs are put through a four dimensional inter-linked view of IT as a Function - Strategize, Build, Operate and Assure (SBOA) – aimed at delivery of the desired results in terms of the pre-defined Performance Indicators which can be tweaked further depending on the evolving expectations of the bank's business. The model suggests the SBOA cycle for the IT Function be brought under effective IT Governance through appropriate linkages and inter-dependencies.

The booklet was released by Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, RBI at IDRBT on June, 18, 2010.