Ph.D Awarded / Submitted

S. No. Name Title Supervisors
1. Shaik Shakeel Ahamad Development of Secure Electronic Payment Protocols in Wireless Environment with Formal Verification Dr. V.N.Sastry &
Dr.Siba K. Udgata
2. Pradeep Kumar An Investigation of Classification and Clustering of Sequential Data Dr. P.Radha Krishna &
Dr. S.Bapi Raju
3. Manik Lal Das Design and Analysis of Authentication Techniques Dr. A.Saxena &
Prof. D.B. Phatak
4. V. Ravi Shankar Coding Schemes for digital fingerprinting and traitor tracing Dr V.P.Gulati, Dr. A.Saxena &
Prof. A.K.Pujari
5. Sanjay Rawat Efficient Data Mining Algorithms for Intrusion Detection Dr. V.P.Gulati &
Prof. A.K.Pujari
6. T. M. Padmaja Class Prediction from Highly Overlapped and Imblanced Data Sets Dr. P.Radha Krishna &
Dr. S.Bapi Raju
7. Md. Abdul Haque Farquad Rule extraction from Neural Networks Dr. V.Ravi &
Dr. S.Bapi Raju
8. G. Geetha Kumari Access Control Modeling for Grid Computing Systems Dr. V.N.Sastry &
Dr. Atul Negi
9. A. Kavitha Efficient Approaches to Mutual Authentication and Key Agreement in Wireless Communication Networks Dr. V.N. Sastry &
Dr. Atul Negi
10. N. Naveen Rule Extraction from Global Optimization Techniques Dr. V. Ravi &
Prof. C. Raghavendra Rao
11. Ilaiah Kavati Biometric Indexing Dr. M.V.N.K. Prasad &
Prof. Chakravarthy Bhagvati
12. Hiran V Nath Malware Surveillance for CyberDefense Dr. B. M. Mehtre
13. M. Sandhya Novel Methods for Protecting Fingerprint Templates Dr. M.V.N.K. Prasad
14. Ghanshyam Bopche Attack Graph based Approach to Network Hardening Dr. B. M. Mehtre
15. Pradeep Kumar Dadabada Time Series Data Mining: Applications to Banking Dr. V. Ravi