In a major initiative aimed at addressing the critical concerns of the Indian Banking and Financial Sector in key areas of technology, the Institute has started a Series on Best Practices. This series focuses on the systemic requirements of the banking system, studies the particular issue from relevant perspectives, various developments and best practices globally, understands the specific requirements of the Indian Banking and Financial System, and publishes a set of recommendations on each of these areas for use by the Banking Sector.

The Institute forms a Working Group consisting of Subject Experts, Bankers, Academicians, Practitioners and Industry Experts on each selected area of importance for the Banking Sector. Based on the work of the respective working groups, the Institute has published the following Best Practices:

S. No. Name Coordinator Published In Download
1. Handbook on "Information Security Operations Center" Dr. V. Radha & Dr. Rajarshi Pal Sep 2017
2. FAQs on Cloud Adoption for Indian Banks Dr. P. Syam Kumar & Shri S. Lalith Mohan Sep 2017
3. Digital Banking Framework Prof. V. Ravi Nov 2016
4. Cyber Security Checklist Dr. B. M. Mehtre &
Dr. Rajarshi Pal
Jul 2016
5. IT Vendor Management : Principles & Practices Dr. G. R. Gangadharan &
Shri B. Shandilya
Oct 2015
6. Data Quality Framework Dr. N. Raghu Kisore &
Dr. V. Ravi
Feb 2014
7. Cloud Security Framework Dr. G. R. Gangadharan Aug 2013
8. Green Banking Framework Dr. G. R. Gangadharan Aug 2013
9. Social Media Framework Dr. Shakti Mishra &
Shri Lalit Mohan
Aug 2013
10. Information Security Framework for Indian Banking Industry Shri Patrick Kishore Aug 2012
11. Information Security Governance for the Indian Banking Sector Shri M. V. Sivakumaran Nov 2011
12. Holistic CRM and Analytics for Indian Banking Industry Dr. V. Ravi Oct 2011
13. Organizational Structure for IT in the Indian Banking Sector Shri M. V. Sivakumaran May 2010
14. Micro-ATM Standards IBA & UIDAI Mar 2010