The PGDBT consists of four terms spread over a year. The duration of each term is three months and it carries total marks of 700. While each of the first three terms consists of six courses of equal weightage, i.e. 100 marks per course, every term will also have a Comprehensive Viva of 100 marks.

The final term is devoted to Project Work (700 marks) in banks / financial institutions under the guidance of a faculty member of IDRBT and an external guide from the financial institutions/banks. Students are required to submit a detailed project report and make a presentation. The details of the courses are as under:

Term 1
Introduction to Banking Basics of Banking and Finance, Indian Banking and Financial System, Regulatory Controls and Legal Systems, Advanced Topics in Banking
Database Management Systems Information Systems for Business, Various Aspects of Information Systems, Database Systems, Information Systems Design
Computer Networks (with Lab) Computer Networks Concepts, Networks Architecture, Network Security, Current and Future Trends in Networks
Information Security (with Lab) Cryptography and Access Control, Network Security, System Security, Information Security Management and Planning
IT Infrastructure Management IT Systems and Infrastructure Management, Data Center Management, IT Project Management, IT Service Management
Programming Languages (with Lab) Preliminary Concepts, Syntax and Semantics, Expressions and Statements, Abstract Data Types
Term 2
Banking Technology Management Banking Operations – Overview, Delivery Channels, Back Office Operations, Interbank Payment Systems
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence(with Lab) Data Warehousing Basic Concepts, Data Modeling and ETL, DWH Development Approaches and Technical Architecture, Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing(with Lab) Overview of Computing Paradigm, Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Security and Privacy, Cloud ComputingCase Studies
Cyber Defence(with Lab) Basics of Security, Security Levels and Analysis, Cyber Defence, Advanced Topics in Cyber Defence
Internet Technologies(with Lab) Client-Side Technologies, Connection to Server and Server-Side Technologies, Advanced Client-Side Technologies, Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services
Soft Skills for IT Professional Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership and Team Building Skills, Time, Stress and Team Management Skills
Term 3
Electronic Commerce and Payment Systems Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Payment Bank, Digital Banking, Electronic Trading
Business Analytics (with Lab) Introduction to Analytics, Descriptive and Predictive Analytical Techniques, Applications and Case Studies, Advanced Analytics and Case Studies
Banking on Mobility and Social Media (with Lab) Mobile Communication, Mobile Banking, App Development in Android and Other Platforms, Social Media
Information Systems Audit IT Governance and Audit Process, Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation, Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support, Protection of Information Assets
Strategic IT Management Managing Strategic Technology Projects, Organising for Development and Delivery, Sourcing Information Technology, Enterprise IT Architecture and Management
Organizational Behaviour and Entrepreneurship Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Analysis, Development and Change, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
Term 4
Project Work Project Work in banks/financial institutions under the guidance of a faculty member of IDRBT and an external guide from banks/financial institutions.