Third Batch Students (2018-19) - Ongoing

During the Second year, the Institute has achieved 100% Placements by February 2018, i.e. even before the completion of the third term of the PGDBT. Students of the second batch of the PGDBT have been successfully placed in reputed national institutions, including National Payments Corporation of India, HDFC Bank Ltd., Kotak Bank Ltd., Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Telangana Industrial Health Clinic Ltd., and IFTAS.

The Details of the Third Batch PGDBT Students are here under:

Student Details
Name: Anisetty Naga Satya Varun
Roll No: PGDBT201801
Name: Arjun Pachamkulath
Roll No: PGDBT201802
Name: Banoth Bheem Singh
Roll No: PGDBT201803
Name: Chaithanya B
Roll No: PGDBT201804
Name: Ishita Tomar
Roll No: PGDBT201805
Name: Kalloju Keerthana
Roll No: PGDBT201806
Name: Mounika Divamdinna
Roll No: PGDBT201807
Name: Myrtle Davinia Chikkala
Roll No: PGDBT201808
Student Details
Name: Noel Babu Pothula
Roll No: PGDBT201809
Name: Priyanka Veerappan
Roll No: PGDBT201810
Name: Rayapati Sai Srikanth
Roll No: PGDBT201811
Name: Salomi Deborah K
Roll No: PGDBT201812
Name: Saurabh
Roll No: PGDBT201813
Name: Sheetal Vadada
Roll No: PGDBT201814
Name: Sreekanth N
Roll No: PGDBT201815
Name: Aditi Patankar
Roll No: PGDBT201816

Download the Placement Brochure for the year 2018-19 here