Important Dates

Submission Deadline:
September 15, 2018
October 01, 2018

Acceptance Notification:
October 08, 2018
November 22, 2018

Camera-Ready Papers Due:
November 30, 2018
December 10, 2018

Conference Dates:
January 22 - 24, 2019


Paper Title Author Names

Enhanced Segmentation-CNN based Finger-Vein Recognition by Joint Training with Automatically Generated and Manual Labels

Ehsaneddin Jalilian (University of Salzburg)*
Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg)

PVSNet: Palm Vein Authentication Siamese Network Trained using Triplet Loss and Adaptive Hard Mining by Learning Enforced Domain Specific Features

Daksh Thapar (IIT Mandi); Gaurav Jaswal (IIT Mandi)*
Aditya Nigam (IIT Mandi)
Vivek Kanhangad (IIT Indore)

User Behavior Profiling using Ensemble approach for Insider Threat detection

Malvika Singh (NIT Trichy)*
Babu Mehtre (IDRBT Hyderabad)
Sangeetha S. (NIT Trichy)

An Efficient Online Signature Verification Based on Feature Fusion and Interval Valued Representation of Writer Dependent Features

chandra V sekhar (Indian Institute of Information Technology-SriCity)*

Towards making morphing attack detection robust using hybrid scale-space colour texture features

Raghavendra Ramachandra (NTNU, Norway)*
Sushma Venkatesh (NTNU)
Kiran Raja (NTNU)
Christoph Busch (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Super-Resolution and Image Re-projection for Iris Recognition

Eduardo F Ribeiro (Salzburg University)*
Andreas Uhl (University of Salzburg)
Fernando Alonso-Fernandez (Halmstad University)

Utilizing Template Diversity for Fusion Of Face Recognizers

Sergey Tulyakov (University at Buffalo)*
Nishant Sankaran (University at Buffalo)
Srirangaraj Setlur (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
Venu Govindaraju (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Towards Reducing the Error Rates in Template Protection for Iris Recognition Using Custom Cuckoo Filters

Kiran Raja (USN)*
Raghavendra Ramachandra (NTNU, Norway)
Christoph Busch (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Dot and Incipient Ridge Detection in High-resolution fingerprints

Vijay Anand (IIT Indore)*
Vivek Kanhangad (IIT Indore)

Subband Analysis for Performance Improvement of Replay Attack Detection in Speaker Verification Systems

Sachin Garg (IIT Indore)
Shruti Bhilare (IIT Indore)*
Vivek Kanhangad (IIT Indore)

Biometric based User Authentication Protocol for Mobile Cloud Environment

Manojkumar Vivekanandan (NIT TRICHY AND IDRBT)*
Srinivasulu Reddy (National Institute of Technology Trichy)

Thermal to Visual Face Recognition using Transfer Learning

Yaswanth Gavini (University of Hyderabad)*
Babu Mehtre (IDRBT Hyderabad)
Arun Agarwal (University of Hyderabad)

FDSNet: Finger dorsal image spoof detection network using light field camera

Avantika Singh (IIT Mandi)
Gaurav Jaswal (IIT Mandi)*
Aditya Nigam (IIT Mandi)

Utilization of HOG-SVD based Features with Connected Component Labeling for Multiple Copy-move Image Forgery Detection

Anuja Dixit (IIT(ISM), Dhanbad)*
Soumen Bag (IIT (ISM) Dhanbad)

FDFNet : A Secure Cancelable Deep Finger Dorsal Template Generation Network Secured via. Bio-Hashing

Avantika Singh (IIT Mandi)*
Ashish Arora (Indian Institute of Technology Dharwad)
Shreya Hasmukh Patel (IIT Jodhpur)
Gaurav Jaswal (IIT Mandi)
Aditya Nigam (IIT mandi)

Forensic Performance on Handwriting to Identify Forgery Owing to Word Alteration

Priyanka Roy (IIT(ISM) Dhanbad)*

Removing Personally Identifiable Information from Shared Dataset for Keystroke Authentication Research

Jiaju Huang (Clarkson University)
Bryan Klee (Clarkson University)
Daniel Schuckers (St. Lawrence University)
Daqing Hou (Clarkson University)*
Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson University)

Spoofing PRNU Patterns of Iris Sensors while Preserving Iris Recognition

Sudipta Banerjee (Michigan State University)*
Vahid Mirjalili (Michigan State University)
Arun Ross (Michigan State University, USA)